Saturday, September 29, 2012

stuffed trout

i was back home in michigan several weeks ago and had the opportunity 
to cook up some fresh trout with the assistance of my parents. i am grateful 
that my talented mother was able to photograph me the whole time.

stuffed fresh trout (on the grill)

if you are opposed to fileting your own fish, you can ask your butcher, 
or fish monger to filet (don't forget to de-gill!) your fish. i prefer to keep the heads on
for several reasons. first, because anything cooked whole tends to be a lot more flavorful.
 second, because it is a good reminder that what you are eating was once alive.
third, presentation.

what you'll need:
fresh trout
tin foil
one lemon per fish
olive oil
old bay seasoning
grill or oven set at 375f
start by dragging the blade up and down the fish to remove excess scales
your goal is not to remove all scales. rinse your fish inside and out and pat dry
optional: remove dorsal and pelvic fins

slice one whole lemon

chop or tear your dill and add it to a bowl with 1 tsp. olive oil, fresh lemon juice, 
two tablespoons of soft butter. mix all ingredients together
 spread a generous amount of mixture inside and out of the filet

line the lemon slices up each filet. drizzle any remaining juice over the filets and seal the tinfoil

steam the fish on the grill for 10 minutes. open the foil and cook until the fish is done. 
(as this is not a true grilled fish, you can throw it in the oven as well). if you prefer to 
grill the fish, i recommend a charcoal grill as it is easier to clean up than a gas grill.

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