Wednesday, August 1, 2012

push on...

i celebrated my 27th birthday this past weekend. i was quite dreading this particular birthday. 27 sounds so...well, old. however the day came and went and frankly i don't feel any different. i think that is how birthdays always go, right? i spent the week celebrating here and there. wednesday, ruth and i went to screen on the green, a dc summer tradition, and watched one of my all time favorites it happened one night. thursday was reserved for birthday errands with lauren and friday- dinner and drinks with kate at one of my favorites, hanks oyster bar. saturday, matt and i went to the national gallery of art to see this show and then of course- birthday party saturday night. busy, busy, busy. 
oh hello, 27.

"it happened one night" at screen on the green

birthday flowers are the best kind of flowers.

a fabulous birthday gift from my aunt dana. i am obsessed.

goodbye, july. 'till we meet again!
 hello august. 

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