Wednesday, March 21, 2012

glorious weather: spring is here!

 my father said he couldn't talk long tonight because it was 85 degrees and they were out with the dog. they live in Michigan-it is March and it is 85 degrees in Michigan. it seems most of the states are experiencing strange weather patterns and by strange- i mean wonderfully warm.

 in DC it means spring has officially sprung. The cherry blossoms are out several weeks early which is fun for the locals, but bad for the tourists.

 i just hope they last over the weekend- i would love to get out to the tidal basin this year while they are still kicking.

 St. Patrick's Day was spent in the company of friends. after a day of celebration we headed to Perrys in Adams Morgan for an excellent meal on what i believe to be one of the prettiest roof tops in dc. if you get a chance- make sure to dine there this spring.

how is the weather in your part of the world? 
enjoy spring, everyone!

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