Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years' Weekend

happy 2012, everyone!
life lately according to Instagram

we had a party on saturday night and stayed up a little too late... I spent a good chunk of new years day resting and sleeping off the previous night (and of course am now sick..)

monday led me to the United States Botanic Garden and the National Art Gallery. i was very grateful I had this day off as i had been craving art and greenery. it seems i cannot go too long without making my way to the museums.

i will always love staghorn ferns

i spent most of wednesday resting and reading in bed sick with the flu. below is a list of what kept me occupied-

Take a look at:

-a closer look at frames from some of the earliest work at the National Gallery

-a History of the World in 100 Objects- the book and BBC project

-Matchbook Magazine January issue

-Midnight in Paris- i finally saw it and fell in love! 

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