Thursday, August 11, 2011

Michigan in the Summertime: The Big Photo Post

I just returned to DC from a week of rest and relaxation, family, food and lots and lots of swimming. I did not realize how badly I needed this time until I returned refreshed and ready to work. Sometimes it is hard to be an adult. Often it is hardest to be an adult during the summertime. Memories of childhood away from school, weeks spent carefree in the warm sand and clear water, flooded my mind this past week. For once in a very long while, I felt carefree, camera in hand as I played in the water, ate cherry strudel from Cherry Point, tended to a wounded buttefly, and kayaked with Eloise (one of my dearest friends and family members for 22 years.)

Summer in Michigan is all about Lake-Life. The water turns warm, and the skies bright blue. This is the time of year when clouds are beautiful from every angle and a sandy beach makes the best bed.

clouds from high up
and from the ground..
driving to the cottage with the sunroof open and music blaring. (I was at a stop sign..)

into the woods

and off to the beach

Cherry Point Cherry Strudel. 20 years and I never tire of it!

classic Eloise "whistle face"



  1. You trip home looks amazing. I'm a bit jealous! I've missed the fresh water lakes since moving away. So glad you came back refreshed and ready for real life again. Sometimes we just need the time away!

  2. I have always known you see things other's don't, but this photo essay beats them all. Thanks for capturing the slant MK and bringing it to light. Beautiful.

  3. I already commetned on this post, I know. BUT, I nominated you for a blogging award [to be found on my most recent post] & I had to let you know. So go check it out, lady. Because you and your blog deserve it. :]