Tuesday, August 30, 2011

goodbye, Irene

The past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs, good excitement and bad. In turn, I haven't felt like writing or posting..

We had an earthquake a week ago now, which in retrospect, was not that big of a deal. For all of my California (West Coast) friends and readers, it is my understanding that you all shot your hands up in laughter at the East Coast's reaction to a 5.9 "shake." To that I will say this- when we feel a shake like that, our first reaction isn't earthquake! It is bombing/plane crash/terrorism! Once we calmed down and cleared the streets life went back to normal...until Friday.

Friday started up another panic- Hurricane Irene was headed our way and the District was in prep mode. After a trip to Target for bottled water and non-perishable food (where the aisles were near bare), Bed Bath and Beyond, Staples and Radio Shack for batteries (which were never found..) I headed home to shake off the stress of a 45 minute wait to pay for Tuna, plastic pitchers, soup, and La Croix sparkling water (the only water that was left). The storm came and went and luckily for North West DC, not much happened. Walking in the sunny, warm aftermath of high winds and lots of rain wasn't too shocking. Lots of leaves scattered the ground and there were a few uprooted trees (tiny trees) that lined the curbs, but nothing too dramatic (at least in my neighborhood.)

Onto a new week. Goodbye, Irene.

Sunday morning view from our porch. Leaves..thankful for just leaves..

I was granted the Liebster Blog award a few days weeks back by the lovely AJD at Boundlesssfille. AJD's eye for photography and her daily posts about her love of family and her amazing pit bull (plus much more) make it a sure site to add to your daily reads. Thanks, Ames.

The Liebster award is meant to connect and highlight new bloggers that have up to 200 followers.  As with other awards this one has a few rules.
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  • Choose your top five, leave them a comment to let them know [Please check out the below blogs! Each one is very different, but very enjoyable!]

Entry Level Wife
Blog Built For Two 

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Mary C. Nasser

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Enjoy the reading! I will be back soon and in better spirits...

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