Sunday, July 3, 2011

For the collector..

 ...interiors are important.

My parents are collectors of many things. Their collections include: Fiestaware, Fruit Crate Labels, wrought iron banks, Chalkware, old metal signage, and a couple dozen paintings and black and white photos (just to name a few) and are extremely visible in the two story, Midwestern home I grew up in. Their tasteful affection for objects that carry history include furniture- a combination that led to a well curated assembly of objects that visually captivate visitors and inhabitants alike. Together, my mother and father sought and built many display cabinets for their precious finds. The impact this openness of objects has had on me is profound- both in the physical world and the psychological. From a physical (and visual) world standpoint- I love to openly display my collections as well and am drawn to museums, stores, and interiors that organize objects in a tasteful and purposeful manner. From a psychological standpoint, I am highly attracted to repetition and shape patterns...but that is a post for a different day.

Fruit Crate Labels

In many ways displaying your objects, is like curating. We pick and choose what gets put out (unlike hoarders I should add) dependent on the season, the mood, or the general importance of the individual object. Each object becomes part of the interior and for the collector, the interior usually matches the mood of the object. For example, a cookie jar collector would never display his or her finds in a room with black walls- unless those walls were painted with chalkboard paint and smothered with "menus". The interior determines the level of importance the object can give to the room- how many are allowed, in what order.
open or glass cabinets in the kitchen, are a great way to show off kitchen collections

Why we collect is a subject I wont sink into today, but the way we display our collections say a lot about who we are as individuals and as a whole.

All and all, the objects we collect can have a deep effect on us. Display them well and with purpose.
Shadow boxes and small shelving
for the book collector

white vase collections

 built-in bookcases
more built-in bookcases

I am in love with this room. If only we could all have a room like this.


  1. i love this. i always sat at your kitchen table and just STARED at the fruit crate labels. i've thought of doing something similar with other crate labels, but i don't think i'd do it justice. plus, i feel like i'd be a copy cat. ;]

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