Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend in NYC

For a weekend post, this one is pretty late. As you may have guessed, I spent the weekend with Kate in New York. It was a wonderful weekend—pretty laid back, but wonderful.

ending the night with the sunrise. the view out of Kate's window

breakfast at noon

checking out The High Line
lots of green space for a perfect Saturday chill out (or nap, like the guy passed out in yellow..and a wig??)

wildflowers and naturalistic horticulture

they maintained many of the original elements including the train tracks

my high line tour guide, Nick ahead

view from above

off to the chelsea market

 On Sunday morning after eating too much 16 Handles frozen yogurt, we took a walk on the East Side (side note: kate will be moving to DC shortly!)

I was so excited to find the Kate Spade piano in the park
lady bunny


  1. I am loving these photos. & sometimes I feel like that yellow clad + wigged man. &, out of curiosity, what the heck are those cars doing? I'm perplexed.

    Totally jealous of your weekend in NYC!

  2. Sometimes I feel like him too. Minus the wig. The cars..the cars are in a "car elevator" of sorts. Its a solution to parking many cars in barely any space that has always blown my mind. The crazy thing is that there was one right next to the high line and the juxtaposition of a park next to the elevator was just perfect.