Friday, June 10, 2011

my favorite sandwich

Yes, this is in fact a post about a sandwich. And while you all might be thinking, "a post about a freaking sandwich?" let me remind you that I like to blog about the things that make me happy, things I love (and so on..)
This sandwich makes me happy and I certainly love it. Hopefully you will give it a try and it will do the same for you.

The inspiration came from when I worked a short gig as an artist assistant for my friend Sarah Kabot. She was showing at Mixed Greens in Chelsea (NYC) and we grabbed lunch several times from this amazing sandwich place near the gallery. They had the crustiest baguettes and the tartest balsamic vinegar. I fell in love with prosciutto that summer. I wish I knew what that place was called and if it still exists. 
Below, please find my several-years-in-the-making attempt to replicate the no-name sandwich I pine for above. 

 1.) Buy a great (fresh!) baguette. Not the super yeasty kind that is too soft in the middle (not that I am knocking them..just not great for this project). A great way to check for a fabulous baguette is to slightly squeeze it in your hand. It should crackle lightly. This baguette is from Le Pain Quotidien, a chain that always lives up to the challenge. (for all my Grand Rapids readers, Nantucket Bakery has the BEST bread in GR. go there! Ann Arbor- Zingerman's, DC- Firehook is one of my favorites!)

2.) cut it to the edge (try to leave a "binding"..mine went all the way through here..)

3.) Cut thin slices of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. I used grape tomatoes, because they are meatier and were majorly on sale. 

 4.) Drizzle equal parts aged-balsamic vinegar (once again I swear by Newman's Own, or Whole Foods 365. affordable and still delicious) and cold-pressed virgin olive oil on the inside of the sandwich. Put down a layer of arugula. Place the slices of mozzarella and tomatoes over the arugula (one side only- both sides is too much mozz) drizzle again with a balsamic vinegar. Coarse sea salt + fresh ground pepper to liking..and boom...

my favorite sandwich!

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  1. Oh yes! I love this sandwich! Can you make me one soon?? Makes me think of Paris and the baguette we tucked in your tote bag.