Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking Back: Domino Magazine

One of my favorite personal collections is my stack of Domino Magazines from 2008 and 2009. I love them so much, that I have them perfectly stacked and tied with a piece of raffia ribbon. No one is allowed to touch them but me (and some who are near and dear.) Domino was the start of my obsession with building a living space that becomes you–a space that is full of beautiful objects and ready to entertain. Unfortunately, the magazine, adored by many, closed up shop in late January of 2009. I immediately bundled my remaining collection (after hitting my head against the wall for cutting up many others for scrap-booking.) and began the mourning process. 

 Domino was known for its beautiful interior spreads...

..and in my opinion, paved the way for publications such as Fresh Home, Lonny Mag and Rue, which showcase balanced, yet eclectic interiors full of a fine mix of frugal finds and high-quality pieces. 

 Domino's interiors never lacked contrast and color,

or fun "editors' cravings" pages. Above is Eugenia Santiesteban, Senior Market Editor's inspiration and fun objects page,"federal style." 

One day they may return to the publishing world–until then I have my beloved stack. 

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