Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keeping it Fun- The Not-So-Bare Necessities

I am sitting at home tonight with a bum right leg, watching Marie Antoinette, drinking Harney & Son's Paris tea, and thinking about ways to make my crutches look less depressing. Should I spray paint them pink? Or maybe cover them in glitter? eh.....I'll keep you updated on this one. All of this got me thinking however- what about the other objects I utilize on a necessity basis? How can we add more neon, text, flare, and general fun into our day-to-day objects?

Keeping it fun- A Year's Supply of Toothbrushes have a friendly three-months-then-toss message written on them and are eco-friendly!

Marimekko will brighten any bathroom with their beautiful prints. I am on a huge blue and white kick right now, so what's not to love?!

Sharpie is now making stainless steel pens. Keeping things fresh.

Okay, so maybe not a true "Necessary Necessity," but after seeing this adorable Honey Pot & Silicone Dipper from Le Creuset, I am reminded that the kitchen sometimes "needs" items like this. So much more fun than the standard honey bear squeeze bottle (although he is pretty great too!) 

Illustrated Canvas totes from Jcrew

They have been putting out new tote illustrations every few months; I hope they keep this up! At $10 a pop, these totes are an attractive alternative to plastic, logo-shocked totes one finds in line at Whole Foods (not that there is anything wrong with that..) and are a durable steal.  

Organic Shaped Dinnerware
rice bowl

Dog Rectangle Dessert Plates 

Artist Sketch Dessert Plates

 I am that crazy person who upon receiving a delicious plate of food at a restaurant, lifts up the plate just to see who makes it. (Yes, that person. The one who you are embarrassed to go out with..) I love dinnerware- plates, cups, bowls- and am always in search of illustrated whiteware. West Elm nailed it here. How are the Artist Sketch Dessert Plates?


  1. Love the items chosen. The Sharpie Pen is proof that you can take a simple object, well established, and continue to improve the visual properties of the object.

  2. I love the dog plates, probably because i love dogs, you think?