Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowstorms in DC

I was warned that snow storms in DC are very different than they are in Michigan. For one, the snow doesn't last very long. White winters are not the norm in DC (of course!). Secondly, when it snows in DC everyone panics. At first, I thought this was silly. I am not used to the heavy frustration and fear that comes around the threat of a winter spit storm. After yesterday, I understand. 
The snow came. It came in big wet flakes that stuck to my coat and wouldn't let go. The streets
were all slush and the sidewalks, slushy ice. Frustration and fear set in to the city as everyone- all at once- tried to leave their work places and head home. The roads were a gridlock for eight whole hours and as my co-workers shared with me today- the subway was backed up for two + hours. As for me- well, I am a bus girl. I always ride the bus. Yesterday, after learning the buses were getting stuck and were very backed up, I decided to walk home. It wasn't the most pleasant walk, but with my mind focused on not falling and getting home, I made it just fine. (side note: Did you know it can lightning and
thunder during a "blizzard"?? Who knew?! )
After getting home and warming up, we decided that the night was too special to stay in, so we bundled up and headed to dinner in Adams Morgan. The town was quite peaceful all covered in snow..and quite honestly, the magic of it all made the slush and the memory of my long commute home disappear. Adams Morgan seemed peaceful, and for once, was quite quiet.


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