Sunday, December 19, 2010

US Botanic Gardens

Christmas at any public educational institution seems
to be a behind the scenes crazy ordeal.
Going to the USBG this past weekend reminded me
of the many hours it takes to put on an exhibit like they did.

It was beautiful

Built entirely with natural materials, models of DC buildings were
perfectly settled into plant displays.

above is the conservatory and gardens

The Washington Monument

The Capitol Building

little apartments circled the Gardens' massive Christmas tree

There was a separate room for their train display

also made entirely with natural materials
(and a few lights here and there)


and tiny dioramas

historical wonders

and then there were these little beauties!
They are very similar to Flora Grubbs pieces that I posted
about over a week ago, except these guys have terrestrial plants inside
and the globe acts more like a true terrarium. I have to wonder how long
the plants inside actually last...worth trying!

more ornament terrariums

and then of course there were the plants,


my beloved, Tilandsia

and hibiscus

and wispy ferns.

and then there is this stuff..the dreaded to work with,
yet highly beautiful when-the-moment-is-right, Coleus.

but, alas,

some days I wish I could live in a greenhouse

so much sun and humid air

Oh, how I love thee, USBG.

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