Monday, December 13, 2010

Slows, Detroit, Michigan

I think I found my new food obsession: slow-cooked barbecue.
Now maybe found isn't the best word, after all I am a girl who was raised on slow-cooked brisket, beer-can chicken, smoked turkeys at Thanksgiving, and the phrase "Weber is best." But how about "found this gem," or "found-out" that I do in fact LOVE pulled pork fat when cooked perfectly. So yes, found is the right word. The re-igniter of flames, Slows BarBQ, is another find worthy of deep and sincere praise. Slows is situated in downtown Detroit, near the old, abandoned Michigan Central Station, and cooks up some of the best barbecue I have ever had.

it's all in the details: beautiful leather door pull

When Slows opened its doors in 2005,
owners Phillip and Ron Cooley, Mike Metevia, and Brian Perrone decided
they would go as green as possible. Most of the wood, including
this door, is reclaimed from the original structure.

The most creamy and complex mac n' cheese

True Comfort

mashed sweet potatoes, mac n' cheese, and coleslaw

meat candy

pulled pork that tasted like heaven

Three meat platter—pulled pork, brisket, and chicken

with a side of black eyed peas

The meat is cooked without sauce

and served as is.

For those who need a little more flavor, Slows has a

large assortment of sauces, ranging from honey to killer spice.

to learn more, visit:

Slows is located at:

2138 Michigan Avenue

Detroit, MI


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