Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what remains: Michigan Theatre, Detroit

This photo by Sean Hemmerle shows what remains of the 1926 Michigan Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. In its hay-day the 4,038-seat Michigan Theatre used to attract fashionable show-goers every night, with lines out the door. The theatre was ornately decorated with 10-foot crystal chandeliers, detailed plasterwork, a 2,500-pipe Wurlitzer, and a "1,000-square-foot, mirror-paneled, black-and-white checkered-floor Grande Lobby." The theatre was shut down in 1967 after being sold and improperly managed. The site is now a parking lot. The above photograph is a stark reminder of what Detroit has become and more importantly what it once was, and with work- will be again.

Read and see more here: http://buildingsofdetroit.com/places/mi
(info from buildingsofdetroit.com)