Tuesday, November 23, 2010

let the festivities begin!

Our dear friends, Allie and Clif, hosted a vegetarian pre-Thanksgiving potluck dinner this past weekend.

Clif Carving the "tofurky"
it was pretty tasty

Ruth made a Moroccan carrot dish that was quite yummy.

green beans, savory pie, Ruth's Carrots,
and Gary's vanilla acorn squash slices

Faux-lamb pie (savory)

Allie, pondering the table below. Is everything there?

and it was...

Allie's blueberry pie
(she made three pies- Allie=Martha)

and then there were these things...
and by things, I mean heavenly morsels.
Adam made thin butter cookies
topped with a dollop of cream cheese,
powdered sugar, and nuts
drizzled with chocolate.

we all would eat one and then complain that
they were so rich. Five minutes later we were all eating a second,
and ten minutes later a third.

and on a very excited side-note: In celebration of my first time hosting Thanksgiving, I bought myself my first ever piece of Le Creuset! Below, meet my Chili Red enameled steel stock pot! Of course, I did not buy it full-priced (who can at my age?). I got a pretty amazing deal on it, which I am pretty proud of.

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