Monday, November 29, 2010

Epiphytes, Flora Grubb, and the Perfect use of Tillandsia

If there is one thing those closest to me know about my plant obsession, it is that it hits a crazy high when it comes to epiphytes. I LOVE epiphytes. Mosses, lichen, tilandsia, some bromeliads, (not all!) and orchids all reside in the epiphytic category and reign supreme in the world of photosynthetic beauty. Often called Air-Plants, epiphytes rely on water (moisture) from the air (or rain) and often grow in trees and on other plants in very humid climates. Orchids are probably the most commonly used epiphytes in terms of decorative horticulture. They are also some of the harder plants to grow- some species require several years for one spike to appear and months to bloom. Orchids are great and all, but when it comes to epiphytes, my attention moves elsewhere- Tillandsia. An epiphytic bromeliad, Tillandsia ranges in size, texture, color, and can produce some of the most gorgeous blooms imaginable. Another great thing about Tillandsia? It is relatively easy to care for (just keep it out of direct light, and mist it occasionally!) and can make for some of the most gorgeous, unique, and inventive arrangements around. Enter- Flora Grubb (Yea, thats her real name). Above and below are some of her creations (photos from her website- You can buy these beauties there!)

I absolutely love the combination of lichen (flat textural stuff on the tree- lichen equals algae plus fungus) lined trees and the tillandsia. The textural quality is amazing!



A Tillandsia cake, and table decor

I know I will be posting more on Flora and her
brilliant designs later on!

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  1. What a fresh take on terrariums! I love those miniature, living worlds. Thanks for a beautiful posting!