Monday, October 18, 2010

things i love: two amys, dc

Quite possibly one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Two Amys is situated in Woodley Park right off Wisconsin Ave near the National Cathedral. My second time there was this past weekend after a long day of site seeing at Mt. Vernon (wait for post!) with my parents who were here for a weekend visit. Funny thing is, most people come to Two Amys for their amazing pizza, yet I never got around to taking pictures of it when it arrived! We were so obsessed with the starters, and ordered up a bunch- roasted olives, beets, fried ricotta balls, deviled eggs with a garlic olive sauce, and a large arugula salad topped so smartly with lemon and olive oil. It was the perfect meal. The pizza wasn't bad too; one of the best parts about Two Amys is the strict guidelines they follow to create true, yet original Neapolitan pizza.
note: the pizza was much more than "not bad"- it was amazing!

check them out at and make sure to visit at 3715 Macomb st. NW

roasted olives
deviled eggs
roasted beets
rosé in the most beautiful glasses

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