Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lazy wednesday

i have so much work to do today, but all i want to do is go back to sleep. it stormed last night and throughout the morning and now things are just dreary and sleepy all around.

some things that get me moving:

Julie Doiron and Jens Lekman's music: jens' song Maple Leaves makes me want to drive and dance at the same time (probably not the safest combination.)

Loonymag: perhaps an antidote to the still hurting hearts of Domino fans around the country? (i am still one.) although this is more of a "slows me down" item then a "gets me moving" contribution. i am currently glued to my computer screen.

Harney and Sons Paris Tea: probably my favorite tea on earth! Dana got me hooked on this one. (thanks, aunt Dana!) i have already had three cups today. yummy!

my calendar..less than two weeks already? how did that happen?! got to go!

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