Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Luxury

Living during one of the most economically difficult times in our country's history has sent a lot of people to rethink what luxury means to them.
In the past luxury was a term usually connected to the tactile, material aspects of life; An expensive hair brush, a Mercedes Benz, and fine fabrics fit into the category of luxury. Today the term is more commonly connected to that that we do not take for granted. And while many still consider tactile goods to be in the category, they are there for sentimental, or nostalgic reasoning. A lot of the "New Luxury" is based on ideas. Friends, family, and beloved pets are some of the greatest luxuries of life. And while I could go on and on, about the tactile, and less tactile luxuries, I will give you my list instead.

The New Luxuries:

-Fresh Cut Flowers on the night stand

-Swimming in the Ocean, or for me, Lake Michigan

-Clean crisp sheets and an alarm clock free morning.

-A vintage camera and a roll of Kodak black and white film (T-max 100 anyone?)

-Having fewer, better items, instead of a bunch of junk.

-Discovery! People & places, new recipes, new designers, new plants, and new beers.

-Pretty fresh soaps wrapped in pretty paper

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