Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend before Christmas joys:

1. White Down Comforters- forever and always :)
2. Spruce trees decorated ever so beautifully
3. Vintage Christmas Ornaments
4. Leaving UPS for the last time
5. Knowing your Christmas shopping is done
6. Tacos

Thursday, December 17, 2009

For the sake of Christmas...

...I crawled my sick self out of bed and donned a face mask (not joking here) to create "sick-free" treats and ship them out in time for Christmas. Yes, I am insane, but I love my friends.
Today's treats- Chocolate Peppermint Bark.
Most recipes say to use whole chocolate bars and break them down,
but I believe using high quality chocolate chips works just as well.
You will need a bag of white chips, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Pour each bag into separate microwavable bowls and microwave until
melted stirring halfway. Place a piece of wax paper down on a baking
sheet and spread melted semi-sweet chocolate until smooth (about 1/2 inch)
Crush (with a hammer or other pounding device) 20 or so peppermint
candies or candy canes and sprinkle over the semi-sweet layer. Add a layer
off white chocolate, spread until even. Sprinkle remaining peppermint
pieces on top. Stick in the fridge for a half hour and then break into
chunks. Yum!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Approved Leggings.

A lot of people have issues with wearing leggings as pants and I don't blame them. Almost every day I see a pair of leggings gone bad; A pair that are see-through (thong alert) or ripped in the wrong places. However, when worn right they can create some interesting proportions in an outfit and can serve as a comfortable and more stylish alternative to sweatpants.
Leggings have become a common dresser drawer item, some more closeted then others. Odds are if you own a pair of Uggs or big headphones, you own a pair of leggings.
If you do leggings, check out this brilliant and "I thought of it, why didn't I do it!" product:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Small Houses

I have never really been a fan of blogging about another blog post, but Dezeen's coverage of this exhibit was the most complete I could find (and I love Dezeen) so I will say little and leave the link for you to explore-

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roasted Ratatouille

Working at "The Gardens" this summer presented me with a thousand new lessons, including how to grow, and harvest vegetables. Eggplants take patience and can be harvested when glossy. "you should be able to see your reflection," a superior told me. Carrots should be almost poking through the ground and contrary to popular belief will actually stop growing once plucked from their hole. If you try to re-bury a carrot after pulling it, it will not continue growing. Cucumbers are easy. They can be plucked when you feel they are big enough, but taste just fine when small. Swiss Chard is as beautiful in the ground as in the market, or on your plate, and Pumpkins are absolutely done when they have turned a creamy orange. Do not wait past then to pick then.
Along with lessons, I received a lot of fresh and free produce this summer. Gorgeous eggplants, cucumbers, bizarre looking carrots, sweet smelling basil, mint, hot peppers, fat beets, and the reddest juiciest tomatoes. Cooking with my treasures was fun. This dish was probably my favorite:
Roasted Ratatouille
from Cooks Family Cookbook (Thanks Aunt Elizabeth!)

Labor Day Weekend and Julia Child

Inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, I picked up copies of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and "My Life in France" over Labor Day weekend. While "My Life in France" was devoured over a period of 4 hours on the beach, I haven't had the culinary courage to attempt any of her recipes. Plus who has the time to cook for five hours straight? Oh, yes... I do. Unemployment will make cooking, and this blog the main course of my day. And perhaps a few job applications here and there. Until that streak is over, I have a couple of cookbooks, I want to get through.

There is nothing like sitting on the beach in flat sand with a new book. It was pretty warm Labor Day weekend and lucky for me there weren't a ton of noisy people on the beach, just a few families and their dogs.