Sunday, June 22, 2014

it's been awhile...

i took an extended break from blogging. perhaps i got too busy, or maybe felt like i didn't have much to say (or show) for awhile. whatever the reason, the break was needed. i am grateful to all who have sent their thoughts my way...most of who i know, and surprisingly... a handful of those i don't...curious of the silence, who wanted to make sure all was well in my part of the world. thank you, friends, near and far, old and new.

i wanted to share a bit of what i have been up to (via photos) during the last few months and some of my favorite posts from fellow bloggers.

dc pride parade 2014
spring in dc was one of the best i have experienced since moving here 

and lastly...i got to meet one of my favorite bloggers, garance doré who has partnered with
 one of my favorite illustrators, anna rifle bond of rifle paper co in march. chatting with anna and
garance is at the top of my list of favorite moments of 2014.

and the very talented nicholas ouchenir

what's caught my eye lately:

tea towel beach bag: from the house that lars built

cool kickstarters: joy cho of oh joy highlights some of her favorites as of late...

home-made maple glazed, baked donuts over at aspiring kennedy (i adore her)

emily's 8 entertaining tips over at cupcakes and cashmere

ick-factor-be-gone! i've got to get one of these

because the world is better with beards...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the last few days of summer

soak it up while you can. 
kate and i spent most of sunday walking around capitol heights, eastern market and the national mall. it was hot and sticky and frankly i loved it. the past two months i have spent a considerable amount of time indoors avoiding the summer heat and humidity and now that it is almost over i feel like i missed out. every season has its fair share of complaints...too hot, too cold, too rainy, my allergies are miserable....the list goes on. but avoiding the season all together, is not the best way to deal.
 with fall in the near future, i plan to enjoy the last few days of summer (in dc, we will probably have a few more weeks of heat).

the coolest dog in eastern market. yes, those are doggles.

my annual crab cake at "market lunch" in eastern market. so satisfying.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


i turned 28 last week.

to me, birthdays are more symbolic than new year's eve and day.
another year down, a reason to celebrate and reflect...and even make resolutions.
reflecting on this past year, 
 i am thankful for all the good that came to me during my 27th year.

a new job, new friends, and stronger relationships with the ones i already have...
i said goodbye to my childhood home
and hello to a new one
i celebrated the wedding of a dear friend
and celebrated five years with my partner and love
i enjoyed a marvelous fall.
winter and spring.
a good year indeed...

i am looking forward to a great fall, winter, spring and summer at 28....